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Small companies are important to Premier Metals and we therefore offer a unique scrap collection service to companies that produce only small amounts of scrap metal.

We appreciate how important cash flow and time management are to small companies and our scrap collection service helps you in both these areas.

We provide forklift friendly bins on site for you to fill with your scrap metal waste. When they are ready to be collected, Premier Metals will come to your site with our portable, fully calibrated weighing scales. The bin can then be placed on the scales and weighed on site. Once the weight is known, Premier Metals can then pay you immediately by cash or cheque and give you the necessary paperwork before the scrap metal leaves site.

With Premier Metals there is no waiting 30 or 60 days for payment for your scrap metal and no time needs to be wasted loading up a van and taking the scrap to your nearest scrap metal yard. Premier Metals can pay you immediately and does all the work for you.

Whether you produce enough scrap metal to fill a container once a week or once a year, Premier Metals will provide you with a scrap collection service, paying competitive scrap prices and also with no rental charge for the container you will receive 100% revenue from your scrap metal waste.

We have over 20 years experience!

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